Capture &
share inspiring trips.

Wandr is a social media platform making it easier for travelers to share photos and itineraries from each trip they take.


Why Wandr?

When we plan a trip, we look to friends for advice. Whether we jot it down in our phone or rely on our memory, it’s messy. We knew there had to be an easier way to organize and share photos and information from our trips, so we created it.

How It Works

Easy Import

Let Wandr scan your camera roll to find trips you've already taken based on date and location.


Pick the photos you want to publish, then view them on an interactive map, complete with its own shareable itinerary.


For each trip you post, Wandr automatically creates an itinerary showing the route taken and length of time spent at each stop.

Get Tripspired

Follow Wandrers who travel the way YOU travel, become inspired by their trips, and add their itineraries to your Wandrlist.