Want to become a Wandrlust travel ambassador?

  • Document, capture and share all your travel experiences
  • Inspire others to follow their travel dreams
  • Experience new cultures and see the world

Looking for well-seasoned Travellers & Travel Content Creators.

  • Earn money doing what you already love doing - travelling, having fun and inspiring others
  • We’ll follow up directly with you after your application with more details about the program
  • You’ll then be welcomed into a private Facebook Wandr Ambassador Community

Who Can Join?

  • A travel blogger
  • A solo traveller or a couple
  • A travel photographer or videographer or Youtuber
  • An adventurer or adrenaline junkie
  • Travelling in a campervan or simply camping under the stars
  • Workers in the travel industry (as an airline host or hotel concierge)
  • A student or international student that is looking to meet other travellers
  • A person that loves to travel and looking to make money doing what you love
  • Someone that obsessively takes photos and notes of where you been
  • A type-A trip organiser that makes spreadsheets about upcoming trips
  • A travel hacker that knows how to make the most out points
  • Someone who constantly gets asked, “Do you have any tips for xxxxxx?”
  • A local who wants to share your local tips of your hometown

What we are looking for?

We are looking for travellers to provide high quality content for our platform? But what does thet mean?
  • Post a trip with 5-10 of your best photos
  • Original, unique content
  • If you have a specific niche (love pubs, party goer, always on a nature walk) let us know
  • Tag your photos to the proper location
  • Engage your users by liking other trips, leaving comments, and encouraging others to share
  • Spread your influence

What's in it for you?

Working with the various Tourism boards and Tour Operators, we will pay for your trips in exchange for providing content to help spread the word on your travels. Once we go live, you can also sell itineraries on our platform. The more people that request your itineraries, the more you can earn. Limited spots available.
  • Get the opportunity to earn cash while you travel! Who doesn’t want that?
  • Share your own brand to our users
  • Promote your content to our travel community to grow your own following further
  • We will connect you with our travel partners who offer paid travel brand content partnerships
  • Become part of a unique community of other travel enthusiasts
  • Become a beta tester for our new features before they are released and join our exclusive FB Wandr Ambassador group for direct product feedback to us.


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